Self-introduction & new beginnings

Hey guys!

This is my first blog post, so I thought I should introduce myself before posting more artsy things.

My name's Bruna, I am originally from Brazil and I have been living in Conyers, GA, USA, for the past 7 years. I am married to Aaron, the most thoughtful, loving man on Earth and together we have the best child we could have asked for, Joseph. We are avid animal lovers and we rescue and foster every time we have the chance to. We have two Labrador Retrievers (Pollux - who's a handful but very loving and playful, and Phoenix - our wild dirty girl). We also have Petra (our not so friendly - but we love her - trash kitty). You will probably hear a lot about them here and on my social media platforms - that's why I'm making their names bold.

My background in art is very broad and started back in 2007, when I took an Arts and Photography class during my exchange student program in Canada, in High School. Arts was my favorite class and I did a lot of awesome things, but unfortunately I didn't have a teacher who pushed me and helped me master my skills, which at the time made me feel like I wasn't good enough. Unfortunately, my exchange student program ended and I moved back to Brazil. I ended up leaving Art behind and I had to focus on other things for a while until after I graduated high school, when I started working with graphic design (and did successfully so for 3 years).

Arts has always been where I find my happy place, but I don't think I knew that  until recently. Along the way I have learned how to crochet, how to sew, how to successfully make Polymer Clay jewelry, but it wasn't until recently that I started drawing and painting. About 6 months ago I took a watercolor class, which opened doors to a lot of good things. I made a few pet portraits and I wondered... now what?! Do I just take commissions and settle for that? What if there's a lot more out there that I could love? What if I found someone, or a school that believed in my potential more than my high school teacher did? What if watercolor was just the beginning of something extraordinary?

So I looked for programs around me, but honestly they were all very academic.. and I needed something hands-on. I needed a program that would push me to my limits and that at the same time would teach me the essentials. That's when I found Milan Art Institute, and for my surprise I found out they are located only 1h driving from me (not that it mattered because the program is online, but knowing that they have their own gallery in Athens, GA, and that I could visit and see their work, as well as their students', was pretty exciting!). They were still open for registration for this December when I found out about them, and I decided to register last minute. I have now been taking their classes for 3 weeks and I absolutely love it. Only recently my materials arrived and I am a little behind, but I have seen so much growth even though it has only been about 20 days that I started! This school and program has so many amazing things about them and I can't wait to write more about my process, as well my endeavors.

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